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Related article: Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 16:45:07 EST From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 34"Adventures of Tray and Jay 34"PART 34: JOHNIt was more than a year since my beautiful boy Adam came to me out of the blue, and even if we have a wildly open sexual relationship, to put it mildly, I have my limits, you know, where I'd draw the line. Right? So in the back of my head, see, I was prepared for this. I swear I was. I'd been over it and over it in my head, only every time I seemed to end up stiff and leaky in my pants. It's not my fault, I mean. Fuck, what was I supposed to do? And it always happens right when you stop expecting it.I just got back from a nice, relaxing, five-mile jog, see, and I was all loose and sweaty and breathing good and hard with that cool high I do it for in the first place. I was half- naked, no, damn near all the way. I mean, what percentage of my long, lean, young body does those skimpy shorts of mine cover? When I loped onto the driveway and saw him sitting there on the doorstep, my doorstep, on his little butt with his arms wrapped around his knees.John.Remember John? The other bible boy? Oh, fuck. My runner's high bolted on me. I felt my stomach clench up, and he saw me, and I know his was doing the same awful thing. That handsome, little devil tensed and sat up straighter so his knees went down, and I noticed his throat -- his adam's apple, for fuck sake! -- bobbing like mad. So mine does the same thing.I took a deep breath and moved warily toward John. He was somehow more awesome than that day when he and Adam showed up to save my ass. He's 18 now, and that short year or so really makes a difference. See, he wasn't the same bible boy. He was a man, not as soft but just as sweet. His hair was the same, short-short brown, cropped and shiny. But his body was firmer, and his arms flexed as he pushed up off the cool cement and fixed me with his dark, intense, brown eyes.Hell, no, I hadn't forgotten his eyes. They're really spectacular, see. I felt an involuntary spurt of my man stuff in my hot, cramped, bulging strap when I closed to striking distance with John and hoped it wouldn't come to that. We just stood there staring at each other, waiting. Then he sucked in a huge, shuddering spasm of a breath and looked light in the head.My hands shot out to steady the poor guy, see, they just do that on their own. I have no control. I'm a total sucker for swooning bible boys, or men. John's eyes focused on me, and he grinned sickly."I'm not sure why I'm here, Tray, or who I wanted to see, you or Adam, I mean. I don't know. I don't know anything any more."That's when John's eyes misted and started leaking out into the tired creases under his pretty, lighter brown lashes, and for the first time I noticed the heavy, dark bags below his haggard eyes. John was exhausted, ready to drop, so I opened the door and prodded him in the damp small of his back where his bleached white shirt clung to him. There wasn't going to be any fight, at least, but what the hell could he want?I actually had lemonade, see, Lolita Portal no joke, so I got him some of that after depositing him on the couch. Adam wouldn't be home for a few hours. I felt a sharp pang of guilt, but that was stupid. I mean, John wasn't that way, right? Some facts are facts. I sat close to Lolita Portal him anyway."I'll listen, dude, whatever's eating your guts up," I practically whispered, and John faced me then with such an overwhelming mix of hope and doubt and a need that was fixing to blast out his gently perspiring pores."I, I, oh, god, Tray. Nothing's been the same for me since...Adam...Adam together. Tray, he hasn't called or anything. Why? What did I do? I didn't mean it, whatever it was, Tray, I promise, you have to tell me what I did, please...""Shhhh, dude, shhhhhh!" I tried to calm him. See, John was ready to explode, not in anger but guilt."I, I don't hate Adam! I never said that! I said I didn't understand! How he could really want that. I...I know now, Tray, I was afraid. I liked being with him all the time, and our work together, and him...oh, Lord, I liked him looking up to me. I can't help it. I know it's a sin, but...""It may or may not be a damn sin, dude, but everyone knows the feeling, okay?" I comforted him, or tried to. "I mean, shit, you think I don't melt inside every time that beautiful boy looks at me that way?"Then John did it to me, and I melted inside. The precious release of pressure from his smooth face and taut body, the way he blinked and sighed so his breath hit my face gently. My arm just went up around his sagging shoulders on its own, see. Really. On its own.But hell, I didn't mean for him to lay his head on my shoulder. That caught me way off guard, and my dick swelled all the way from the soft state it had been in to painfully hard and pulsing, like that! I think he saw it, because he tensed, and I expected him to pull back. But...Instead, John slowly, fearfully wrapped his hot arms around me and held on as if for dear life. I was ready to cry. Not since Adam came to me had anyone been so needy of me. I leaned down a little and kissed him on top of his flaring head and felt the dude shiver and shake in my grip.John sighed again and turned his face up to mine and swallowed, and his face almost broke in shame or something, but he did it. Yeah, he did it then, alright. John closed his eyes and mouth and, breathing hard through his nose, pressed those soft, wet, rosy lips to mine and took my frightened mouth to his. His lips stayed shut a minute as he explored this throbbing, pulsing thing called kissing, then he opened them tentatively and I tasted him.I tasted John's clean, virgin, trusting, terrified, lustful, wet, drippy mouth and smelled his warm breath, and my tongue probed, oh-so-carefully, to his slick teeth, and when he gasped and shuddered again my tongue lost it and invaded all the way into him. Something in John gave up totally then, and his hard, long-assed tongue almost choked me!Plus before I knew it, see, I was on my back and John was on top of me there on the couch, and his rock hard weight on top of me and his big stiff crotch assaulting mine sent me over uncontrollably, and my face twisted off with each gut-wrenching spaz of my jumping, spewing cock!John was laughing! He knew what he did, see. He reached down there and grabbed my still squirting pecker through my thin shorts and soaking wet strap and played with it. Only, his eyes were open and peering wildly into mine, and I saw it. The same look Adam has always had for me.Love.No, man, no way, I thought, but there was no time to work on it because John was taking off his shirt, ripping buttons as he did it, and then he remembered his tie, and soon his slacks were down to his knees and I was gripping his bubble butt cheeks and guiding his flushed, straight as can be 8.5" dong into my hungry mouth where he groaned so totally deep and animal-like and fell forward as the throes of his first shared orgasm rocked his world.Cherry cream, man. It's like nothing else. John's cherry cream filled my mouth in rockets of pent-up, glorious freedom, and I listened to him laugh/cry for a minute or so until his cum was running down my Lolita Portal throat and filling my sinuses with it's rich, spunky freshness and I went to gulping it, all of it, see, and breathing in the funkiness of it and his balls, and then John grabbed my head and slipped that big prick straight down my throat where it stayed for I don't know how long.I was delirious. John's fingers caressing my hair and neck, and his penis dripping and jumping inside me, were too much. When John pulled out I wasn't ready to let go, but he slid down on top of me again and our bodies and woodies became one again. He tasted himself greedily from my mouth and somehow got me down on my stomach on the floor."How Lolita Portal do you know all this shit, John?" I asked in wonder as his fingers started scouting into my tight butthole."I masturbate an awful lot," he said so matter-of-factly I lost it in laughter, and he joined me, but the next second his cock entered me all the way and a fire of pain coursed through my veins. Not that I didn't like it, but fuck!John went to humping my experienced ass with his inexperienced but natural boner and I loosened up fast. It must have been all his precum, see, because I know he didn't use spit on me. He pressed all of his 148 pounds flat on my back and screwed me the way I guess he imagined doing to one of his little church buddies all these years of fisting himself raw. Suddenly, I knew Adam was the only boy John really wanted, and part of his frenzy was from trying not to think about...the boy we both love.As if to laugh at me, John sped up and jabbed it brutally into my sore hole, BAM-BAM- BAM-BAM-BAM, on and on til I thought I'd pass out in a surge of agony and joy. Nobody ever did my rear with John's savage desperation. I started twitching and groaning from the unlikely ecstasy that boy was fucking out of me, and I felt John respond all over his slick, hard body, and when he lashed at my ear with his tongue and then chomped on my lobe with his sharp teeth, I lost it. Like never before.I screamed, okay.My cock rocketed off onto my chest and the carpet below me as my back arched and John wrapped his arms up under my pits and grabbed my shoulders like he was holding on for his life. I went hoarse pretty fast but kept gurgling and crying in disbelief at the total pleasure that stud was giving me with his hot dick planted in me forever, I thought.And John wasn't thrusting anymore, see, he was in me all the way and staying put, and I was afraid he was having a heart attack because there was this eerie quiet from him except for the pounding of his heart through my back, which I heard clearly. Slowly we returned to life, and as John relaxed a little at a time and breathed again I felt every centimeter of his long, mean thing wrenching itself from my violated shithole.He rolled off me finally and sprawled on his back, panting. I turned and watched his beautiful young face. His eyes were open and dazed, and he licked his dry lips and coughed, and he swallowed hard, several times, and he closed his eyes and shook his head.For the first time since I took advantage of Adam, I wondered if I had made a horrible mistake. But this was different, see, because Adam and me ended up being lovers, and no way...even if I did feel the same instant bond for this strange John boy, even the love. How could I do it? What a total shit I am. What was I ever going to tell Adam?I knew I had been asleep when I woke up, you know how that is. I opened my eyes and saw John still on his back, his chest rising and falling gently, mouth open so cute and these hot little gasping sounds now and then. His penis was completely relaxed, as it should be, and stretched out toward his hip. His balls were big, loose, smooth and sweaty and dangled carelessly between his thighs. I scooted over to him and propped myself on an elbow to check him all out while he slept so peacefully. I touched his soft dick and felt myself on him, and I had to do it, see, I just leaned close and kissed him on the lips. John breathed hard into me, and when I licked a little and kept kissing, he woke up a little and my mouth and in my hand.John's eyes opened and sparkled at me but suddenly jerked, and he sat up fast and covered his privates with his hands and gasped, "Oh, Lord!" I followed his horrified gaze to the couch and...ADAM! My boy just sat there, his eyes fixed unreadably on John. I wished he'd look at me."Adam, we didn't plan it," is all I could say and felt totally lame."I'm not mad at you, Tray," Adam whispered, but still he wouldn't look at me. "I've always known you love me, and we both like to fool around." He stood slowly, and I tensed for some reason. "But you." Adam pointed one long finger at John. "You. Oh, God, you."Adam kneeled miserably between my Lolita Portal legs and John's, and his face knitted up in pain. I saw my boy's nose start to run and knew what was coming next, and as soon as my hands took his head he tried to hold it back but the stifled sobs still escaped. His pride made him stuff it down fast and shake off my hands. I felt totally alone right then."I couldn't be, Adam," John spoke up finally, choking a little. "If I couldn't be, you couldn't be. I swear, buddy, it made sense then. Being a homosexual just wasn't possible, okay? NO! UH-UH! Not me. Not my buddy Adam. Not us, at least, please, dear God?""So you denied me, John? You pushed me away, when I needed you more than ever?" Adam was weak from sorrow. The whole awful mess back in his face again, only worse now because even his lover was screwing him this time.John had tears running down his cheeks when he got to his knees and took Adam's hands, almost by force. "I thought I was perfect, and then...and then you didn't want to be me. Do you know how badly that hurt, Adam? I'm just starting to heal. I have feelings too. I love you, Adam. I've loved you since the day you called the line. I couldn't live without your love, boy, unless...unless I could make you different somehow. See? Oh, I know I sound silly."Their hands gripped each other tightly, and I noticed how their faces had somehow moved closer. Very close. And their eyes had closed. I eased my butt back onto my heels and watched in wonder as their lips were drawn together by some force, I guess the same force that brings us all together, and they both gasped boyishly and then grinned and giggled without opening their eyes yet and nuzzled and kissed and explored with their soft hands. I wanted to join in but thought better of it."Oh, God, I know I'm dreaming," Adam moaned.And then each of them, their eyes still closed, reached a hand out for me, and what could I say to that? I took them, and we all made a tight little circle, see, kissing and sniffing and feeling, and I knew Adam's hand on my boner when I felt it. I slid behind him and began to undress the boy with John's help, and when I went for the button of his cords I felt for his hard-on and found it fast. John's hand landed on mine and was withdrawing, but I took it and wrapped it around Adam's big old bulge.I let John have that precious package and held on to my lover boy. I heard the zipper go down and felt Adam respond happily to the gentle, sweet hand that took him out to play. First time I ever held Adam's body and felt it go taut and then thrum in my arms while someone else lay on his stomach and sucked his first cock. Adam's. The boy we both loved, it seemed. Adam stroked John's short brown hair lovingly and quickly tensed more and leaned back into me as he went all the way ballistically off, and seeing it was his best friend down there doing it for him was the most satisfying thrill I've ever felt.I had this crazy rush of love for John right then. He stood dreamily and slipped Adam his spunky, cum-slicked tongue, and after a minute of intense smooching, Adam took his time working his way down the front of John's glistening teen body until he arrived at the proud, erect pecker and sniffed it. Adam shook his head and smirked. I squirmed."You topped my man?" asked Adam, but it wasn't really a question. He knows my smell. John shrugged and grinned sheepishly. When Adam licked that bobbing cock, John spazzed and threw his head back and cut loose one big AAAHHHHHHH! Adam tugged at my arm so I dropped by his side and then he turned so there was room for me to join him.Together we cleaned John's prick and balls thoroughly and left them dripping wet and ended up with our mouths basically fucking each other. But then Adam stood abruptly and left me alone with John's inflamed genitalia, so what could I do but all of the work it had previously taken two able men to pull off? I was giggling in oversexed glee in no time.I didn't think much of it when John bent over me a little, but I slid my hands up Adam's legs that were right behind John's and took my boy's flexing butt firmly and realized with a start what was going to happen, and the next second Adam's cheeks thrust and tensed and John's cock breached my throat all the way down and the poor kid moaned in pain as his innocent asshole was corrupted for good."OHHHH-OWWWWWW!" protested John, but from the way his boner throbbed inside me I'd say part of him dug it big time. Adam fucked John the way John fucked me, but I'm a slut so it's no fair comparing, see. John didn't get over the agony of first contact for a few Lolita Portal minutes, but I comforted him as best I could with my dripping hot mouth and tongue massaging his manhood. But he kept moving more and more down on me until I was on my hands and knees with hardly room to suck him.I gave up just before Adam forced him down to the floor and they were both on their knees, Adam screwing steadily and skillfully, licking his lips, his blue eyes rolling back into his blond head. So I fed John my dick and sucked in a shocked breath at his overheated mouth on my meat. I fucked his face more or less like Adam fucked his butt.With one hand I pulled friskily at John's sweaty short brown hair, and with the other I pinched Adam's nipple and made his eyes fly open and focus on me, riled and naughty and with the dirtiest little sneer I ever saw anywhere! Even Jay never leered at me that nasty! Fuck! I lost it.Hard nipple and dripping wet blond head in hand, I bucked off into John and heard him choke and sputter as my full load of boiling spunk gushed into his mouth and the back of his throat, and that boy even grabbed my butt and pulled until my cock penetrated him all the way and he was gagging and coughing and my sperm was running out his nose, I swear! It was jiz, no shit! John's face went bright red.Adam picked up the pace and bashed John's body harder and harder down my shaft, which wasn't done spewing yet, and I reached under John and gripped his woody and jacked it with his massive flood of semen, and right when John went to screaming around my bone and flaring body heat and squirting off over my arm and everything, Adam yelled at the top of his lungs that he was cumming, and sure as shit, that boy came!His spit hit me in the face as he buried Lolita Portal it up John's guts and each blast of his nut cream made his lips curl deeper into that nasty-assed grin of his. I was still dripping juice into John's mouth and he was down there panting and snorting and chuckling and choking.We pulled apart at last and crashed in a heap on the floor and settled into each other's arms...and legs...and cocks...and mouths! John fell asleep fast and went to snoring softly, and somehow Adam and I felt the other's mind pulling and got up on our elbows and just gazed into our eyes."I know how you feel," I said."I know how you feel," he said."So when he wakes up, you want to ask him if he wants to move in?"John made a funny sound and mumbled, then, maybe in his sleep, he said, "I do."Adam and I grinned and went to kissing on that sleeping beauty of ours.
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